Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hard beds and sound effects

In China, it is important to have good posture. So, the Chinese believe that beds need to be as hard as possible to prevent your back from becoming soft and slouchy. Our beds here are literally boards with a thin layer of padding on top. I'm used to it now (and I bought a comforter at the night market to sleep on top of that added extra padding) but I'm pretty sure that these beds are causing me more back pain then improving my posture. 

The lights here in the halls and stair wells are all activated by sound and not by motion. So, it's not uncommon for weird sounds to be heard every 20 minutes as people move about the building at night. Usually it sounds like "woooo!" but people try to be creative...and that can get creepy.

There are four teachers here who are deathly ill with all different kinds of bugs. We've been working harder than ever to cover for their classes, and I might have to teach Korean school tomorrow morning. (There is a Korean school inside of our school, btw). So, life continues to be crazy, but I love it and I love the opportunity I have to serve my kids and my fellow teachers. I'm learning an awful lot while doing it.

Peace, love and CHINA!

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