Tuesday, June 5, 2012

spontaneous speaking

the whole goal of the ILP method is to get the students to spontaneously speak the target language without being prompted by the teacher. The last couple of weeks, my kids had finally been getting to the point where they would yell: "SCISSORS!" when they needed scissors without me saying "we need scissors" first. So, I was excited that they were slowly starting to get the hang of it. Today, as my second graders were working on their penguin craft, Beth (who often chooses to speak in single words) looked up at me and said (without any prompting): "Teecha Cheltzie, can I have the glue?" Full sentence, correct grammar and everything. I was so excited and surprised that I didn't say anything for a few seconds. Spontaneous speaking in the target language. One simple sentence, and I've never felt more rewarded for my efforts in teaching them.

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