Saturday, June 2, 2012

Children's Day

Children's Day finally came on Friday and it was a whirlwind of teaching, preforming and having a blast. Not only did I have to teach all 32 of my second graders at the same time (we teach them in groups of 8-9 usually) but I had to do it in front of ALL of their parents in the morning! Talk about intimidating! But, my kids were rockstars and we had a great lesson that went smoothly! After the parents watched us teach, it was time for the showcase. Our kids have been practicing for it for a long time, so it was so exciting to see them get up their in their little costumes and preform. This was probably my favorite performance of the day. My second grade class sang twinkle twinkle little star while some of my cutest little girls danced in the front: Vicky, Beth, Dora, Mary and Emily. Too cute.

The Chinese are very big on showcasing the Americans, so naturally, we were asked to preform a dance at the Children's Day showcase as well. This is all 20 of us on stage, dancing to Justin Bieber in front of all the staff, our students and their parents. You can hear our kids singing along (they LOVE the Biebs) and they even got up and danced with us in their seats. Julianna rented us the shiny red jackets. We were a hit!

Children's Day ended by all of the little first graders singing to us and yes, I cried. I love my students so much, and they have taught me so many incredible things over the last four months. I only have two full weeks left with them and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.


  1. I love everything about this post! So adorable.

  2. You are BEAMING in the first video. sooooo cute. I love you.

  3. Chelsie... These 2 video are fantastic. Thans for sharing. Aren't children wonderful now matter where they live .. A child is beautiful.. To teach is a blessing. Good job gal.. You need a hug!