Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Departure Date and Donations!

FINALLY GOT MY FLIGHT BOOKED FOR CHINA! I leave February 7th from SLC to San Fran to Seoul to Weihai. WOOHOO!

With that being said, I have a request to make of you all. I have the wonderful opportunity to teach English to first and second graders who will be able to have many doors and opportunities opened to them because of the English language. Because I am teaching in developing China, supplies are not as easy to come by. The school has asked for us to bring supplies in order to help teach the children.

If you would like to donate any supplies, my school in China is in need of:

-Tape (any kind, they have none)
-Glue sticks
-Construction paper

If you would like to make a money donation so that I can shop for these supplies instead, that would be okay as well.

Donations can be mailed to me at:
50 Wash Pond Rd
Hampstead, NH

Thank you for your consideration and kindness. Your donations are helping me live a dream come true and more importantly, helping the kids in China learn and grow.

Thank you again,


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