Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This is the face of over 20 hours of traveling. 

So, I'm currently typing this from the Incheon Seoul International Airport! It's a beautiful airport, with big glass window-walls and lots of fun things to do. Apparently we can take free showers! This is a lovely thought, because sitting in the middle seat of a 13 hour airplane ride can make someone feel really dirty. 

Most of our group is already here in Seoul and we have about a 9 hour layover until we take our last plane ride to Weihai. Everyone seems super nice and kind; and they have all been so helpful to me already. (I had a terrible run-in with the security at the international terminal at LAX-you know, metal leg and all). Thankfully, there will only be an hour flight between here and Weihai (we are literally right across the Yellow Sea from here), which will probably feel like nothing after the last haul. 

They fed us Korean food on the flight-very interesting seasoning. Lot's of paste-like things that you mix into your food. We're going to try more in the airport, but there is a Subway here, so if nothing is sitting well with me, it's good to know that I will have that as a back up.

I'm rambling and I know it. I'm running on maybe two hours of sleep from the airplane ride and I'm exhausted, but so excited. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm here and safe and SO EXCITED to be doing this!


Peace, Love and China!

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