Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just a few things

1.     1. Today, we went into downtown Weihai to get KFC. KFC is a big deal in China. They are like Dunkin Donuts in the East…one every few blocks. After we went to KFC, we caught the 30 bus back to school. A cute Chinese girl, about our age, tapped Terri on the shoulder and said: "Can I make friends with you?" We were all so excited; she told us all about the Zoo we should visit on the other side of the city. Woohoo for Chinese friends.
2.      2. When the Chinese try to write things in English, it never comes out correctly, so it results in Chinglish. And it's HYSTERICAL. The other day, at the Jia Jia Yue, I saw a shirt that said: "Lemon tea. Summer. Sometimes you hug me. Sometimes you do not."
         3.  So, squatty potties. Haven't fallen in one yet, (although I've only used one three times). The McDonalds in the city has a regular toilet, so when I went to use it, I was really surprised to see footprints ON the toilet seat…apparently Chinese either don't understand how to use a westernized toilet, or they refuse to, because they climb up on the toilet and then squat over it.
      4. On Friday, I told my kids the story of Snow White and we discussed how the Dwarves whistle while they walk home from the mine, and then we all tried to whistle. All of the kids who couldn't whistle said: "Teecha, I don't can whistle!"

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