Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photos from Weihai!

Hey all!  Chelsie sent an email with some pictures, and asked me to put them up here.  So, enjoy! -Symone

Ni Hao from Weihai!

Here are some snapshots from our adventures.

1. This is a typical meal from the cafeteria in my lunch box. All of those little bowls all stack together into one pail after I get my food. The roll is steamed and has no taste, so I usually add some of my cinnamon to it after.

2. This is me with my roommate Dana, and our friends Teri and Cyndi at Happy Gate! It's Weihai's biggest tourist monument, and it's right on the Yellow Sea. And yes, they do paint their trees those colors. 

3. Our bathroom/shower/washing machine. 

4. My classroom! It's HUGE! I share it with Cyndi, who teaches the morning shift, and we have started to decorate it. We also put the table and chairs in the corner so that we can corner our kids and have better control of them. Chinese teachers can beat the kids here if they are bad, and we obviously can't, so the kids know that they can be bad and not get hit. We have to run a tight ship to keep them in line.

5. Welcome to my school! There are 286 separate steps between the gate and the top floor of my apartment building, where I live. It's like physical therapy on crack for me. I will have calves of steel by the time I get home. 

With love from Weihai,

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  1. YAY SO HAPPY TO SEE PICTURES! I love you, so glad you're updating so frequently! Xoxoxo