Sunday, April 15, 2012

I almost lost my hand to an Elephant

Okay, so, as you can see from the photos posted below, yesterday we went to the Weihai zoo, which is a pretty big attraction in the whole province of Shandong (kinda like a state in America, except much bigger). Zoo standards are a million times different and more laxed than in America...they have giant enclosures that you have to walk through and are filled with animals you can interact birds...and monkeys. And, there is a place where you can pet a baby tiger or a big tiger. It's sad though, cause they keep those animals super drugged so they don't maul anyone. ANYWAY! You can buy a bag of carrots for 10 quay (American Money about  1.50) and then feed them to whatever animals you come across....including elephants and giraffes! Bryan, Dana and I were feeding an elephant and I wanted Bryan to take a picture of me doing it. So I was touching the trunk and smiling at Bryan and the next thing I know, the elephant had wrapped it's trunk around my hand and started PULLING ME. It was squeezing my hand SO HARD, it thought it was a carrot. I looked at Bryan and started saying: "It has my hand...IT HAS MY HAND!" and Bryan kept on saying: "Smile!" because he didn't realize I was in a panic. I finally wiggled my hand free before I toppled into the elephant enclosure, but my hand it all bruised from the encounter. It was SCARY! I fed the rest of my carrots to the nice giraffe after that. I also petted a capuchin monkey, a sea turtle, a walrus, and a bear. It was a wonderful time!

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