Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meet my Second Graders

We're in the process of writing our student profiles, which are suggestions and pointers on how to teach our kids for the next group of ILP teachers. Part of that process is taking photos to accompany our tips. I thought I would upload them all on here, so that everyone can finally start putting faces to names. Without further ado, meet my precious and sometimes crazy second grade class.

overall cuddle bug who loves to give hugs, hold hands and eat snacks.

Loves Angry Birds. Dislikes Sparkle. One of his greatest qualities is being Kevin's bud.

He thinks he is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Sometimes he is. Norah has a crush on him.

She loves the word Octopus and she likes to hold the letter book up when we are singing the ABCs. She has a brother named Diego.

Says his name like "Drak-uh" He speaks a ton of English, but likes yelling instead of talking.

Yeah, I named him after my best friend. He is new to the program, so he has no English and could care less what's going on and often ends up standing in the corner. But he likes to color.

She's a flirt!

Look at that face. Enough said.

Oh James. I think his name was originally John, but over time and a bunch of teachers who couldn't understand his accent, it got changed to James. He is a jitter bug, but watching him dance is the cutest thing.

Kevin is often in his own little world. We think he has some form of autism. He loves to draw and read. He wears his pants backwards sometimes. 

Sass monster! She is so sassy and loves to tattle on everyone else when they speak Chinese. It's quite helpful.

He has to be the first one to finish his work sheets and will hold them up to me for inspection and shout: "TEECHA, OK?!"

Little Tony:
This face=common occurrence.

Sweet little Madison. She always gives me stickers.

She is Dora's BFF, so it's confusing when they are together. She gives great hugs.

Loves to punch things.

Came up with his own nickname during kitchen and now refers to himself as "peter butter"

I LOVE THIS CHILD! He's so well behaved and tries SO hard to speak English. He was often overlooked at the beginning of the semester because he was quite and we used him as a buffer between two noisy children, but recently, I've been sitting him next to me during lessons and he talks my ear off!

I've already written about how much I love Ren and what a stud he is. Read about him here.

Quite little thing; she always has her arms folded and likes to hold my hand.

This kid always has a grin on his face and it's adorable!

Skip is our newest student (as in about three or four weeks ago) and has almost no English, but he's learning quick. Unlike Dustin, who decided he just doesn't care, Skip adores all of us and behaves well and tries really hard to learn. And he is a CUTIE!

She started the program this semester too and up until recently, we were all worried she wasn't picking up on anything. She's so quite and well behaved; but whenever we heard her speak, it was always in Chinese. Lately though, she's been speaking more and more English when she's given the chance!

He loves playing bubble gum. He also flirts with Emily.

He likes to taunt Ren and Ren likes to insult him in English, which makes Tony mad and than typically, Tony will punch him. 

Oh my peanut Vicky. She's another one of my favorites. She is SO little and watching her dance around is the cutest thing ever. She also loves to try and tickle me and constantly will tug on my earrings and say: "teeeecha, beautiful."

Well, there you have it! My second grade class! I wish I could describe their personalities better; in fact, I wish you could all just meet them to understand how funny, smart and crazy these kids are. They keep me on my toes and I love them!

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