Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a little update:

1. Kelly (foreign coordinator) had her baby on Mother's Day! They haven't named her yet; something about having to consult with their fung-shway/star dude. I dunno, it's a China thing.

2. For some reason, the school decided that afternoon classes now start at 2:00 and go until 5:20. Never given an official reason, but it makes sense, because our kids were showing up a half an hour late for the last week and we had no clue why. TIC.

3. In China, it's considered beautiful if you are white. Not tan. Being tan is BAD! So, even though it is beautiful here and the sun is shining, everyone wears long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats and carries umbrellas. Julianna (our new foreign coordinator, since Kelly is a mama now) said that there is a specific kind of umbrella used for the sun: "They are...a lot more...beautiful! Umbrellas for the rain...are...regular." I don't know how they do it; it get's so hot here!

4. Going off of that note about not being tan; we went to the international beach on Saturday. It was beautiful out; mid 80's, not a cloud in the sky, a perfect beach day by American reasoning. If you were to make your way to Hampton or Salisbury, it would have been PACKED. But, in China, the beach was pretty dang empty. We had a huge stretch of sand all to ourselves. As the sun started to go down and the breeze picked up, we packed up and got ready to hop the bus home and realized that the beach was packed! Everyone comes to the beach when the sun goes down in China!

5. Babies here do not wear pants, or diapers. They wear chaps. And when they have to potty, they just go. In the middle of the street, in the middle of the supermarket, in the middle of the beach. It's crazy. 

6. I have five weeks left here. It's insane. Next week is Children's day, where we have to sing and dance in front of the parents, and our kids preform little songs and dances that we taught them. We go to Beijing in a couple more weeks. And then I fly home. I'm so torn about it already. Stoked to see my family, to shower in a real shower and to eat a Ham and Cheese sandwich. Sad to leave real Chinese food, 5 RMB dvds and my kids. After all, they are the greatest part about being in China. 

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  1. Guv loved ths chaps news. He was falling down laughing.

    Now I knw why they wear long sleeves on the beach. I wonder what they think of black people .